Tree pruning and chipping in Witney

This large ash had not been pruned in some time and had grown too big for it's surroundings. The tree spread across three residential properties and because of it's height was blocking out light to all three gardens. Josh and the Summit Trees team carried out a thorough tree pruning, reducing the tree's crown by 25%. Heavy branches were removed in sections and lowered by ropes and slings to avoid damage to the tree and its surroundings. Waste material was chipped on site and taken away for recycling. All three gardens were left in clean and presentable conditions. All three homeowners should now enjoy the extra light in the garden for at least a year before this tree will need our attention again.

Josh: Pruning of tree limbs on a regularly-scheduled basis will improve tree health, structural integrity and produce a more aesthetically appealing tree. We can advise you about deadwood removal, formative pruning, crown reduction and pruning routines.

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