Tree removal and speedline rigging in Wootton

This mature ash had outgrown it's surroundings in a residential garden in Wootton, West Oxfordshire. To create more light and space in the garden, the customer decided to remove the tree. Summit Trees safely felled and removed the tree within a single working day. Speedline rigging techniques were used to prevent damage to the shed underneath and to increase the efficiency of the operation. The tree stump was left in the ground after felling (stump grinding and removal were considered but not necessary on this occasion). With the tree safely felled and all green waste removed for recycling, the customer was delighted with the results – a more spacious and lighter garden.

Josh: It is not always necessary to remove a tree. If you want more light and space in your garden there are other options, such as crown lifting or reducing the tree. But when removal is required, Summit Trees provide a professional tree removal service, using a variety of rigging techniques to safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes.

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